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Are you ready for Mitzvah season?

Making sure you add the finishing touches to your event can be a bit hectic, especially during the Mitzvah season. From writing the guest list, and party favors, the to-do list seems like it's never-ending. Because we understand this world all too well, we wanted to provide you with some customizing tips to make the process of getting your branded items ready for your event.

1. Have your theme ready

Usually, this goes without saying but your theme is super important. Having your theme ready helps us to coordinate which items would look best with your vision.

2. Artwork

Providing your printer with high-quality art will make sure no quality is lost when printing on T-shirts, Hats, Drinkware or giveaways. Pictures off google or snapshot images unfortunately dont make the for the best images. But not to worry - everything you need to know can be found here.

3. something something

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