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Let's Raise you money

How can we help during these rough times?

Free fundraiser store!

Provide the info

"Tell me more, Tell me more.."

Tell us about your cause 

Let your supporters know what they are donating for and why

Upload your artwork

You set the price

Set your selling price and how long will your campaign run 

Submit your request

Send us your design and we'll mock it up on a t-shirt

The Fundraiser store

You've been added!

Within 24-48 hrs your product will be added to our fundraiser store!

You will receive a link where you will see what your product will look like 

Once approved your link will be live and you can begin to accept donations!


Let the world know

Spread the word via social media, your website, carrier pigeon, or whatever works best.

Your link directs them to your products where your audience can start showing their support.

We'll Handle the rest

We print it - We ship it

Sit back and chill. We take care of printing and shipping orders to your buyers anywhere around the world.

Or have the entire order sent directly to you and hand them their new favorite shirt

Receive your profits

Its time to collect

Get a fast payout when your campaign is complete

While your supporters wear their new shirts proudly. 

Its a win, win

Let's start fundraising



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